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What are Google Shopping Ads?

There are several ways to generate traffic and sales for your online shop. However, a practical yet often overlooked strategy is Google Shopping Ads. Studies have shown that Google Shopping Ads are effective in boosting revenue by over 223% in shopping. Its success is attributed to its ability to meet particular online searches with clickable images at the top of search rankings. However, the search engine giant enhances the consumer shopping experience by offering new formats and tools to reach a wider audience across Google’s assets.

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But what are Google Shopping Ads? They are product-based listings displayed for products and items searched across Google Shopping and the search engine. Products-based ads may include product photos, brand, and price. It can also include other information like shipping details, reviews, and promotional offers. While the platform has been in existence for a while, the search engine giant has added more enhancements, including Local Inventory Ads, Smart Shopping, Showcase Shopping, and Smart Bidding Strategies.

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